The Best Online Games for People Who Hate Video Games

Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy playing video games but still wants to have some fun online? Maybe you’re not into the complicated controls and storyline, or perhaps you just don’t have the time to invest in a full-fledged gaming experience. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of online games that can provide entertainment without the commitment. The ฟัน88 has a community forum for players to share tips and strategies. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best online games for people who hate video games.


One of the most classic and timeless games is Solitaire. This game is simple to learn, yet challenging enough to keep you entertained for hours. With its various versions available online, you can choose the one that suits you the best. If you want to take a break from your work and do something fun, Solitaire is the perfect game for you.


Another popular game that doesn’t require any prior gaming knowledge is Sudoku. This puzzle game is perfect for people who love numbers and logic. It’s a great way to exercise your brain and improve your problem-solving skills. With online versions available, you can play Sudoku anytime, anywhere.

Crossword Puzzles

For those who enjoy wordplay, crossword puzzles are a great option. It’s a classic game that has been around for decades, and with online versions available, you can play it without having to purchase a newspaper or magazine. Crossword puzzles can be a relaxing and fun way to pass the time.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile games of all time. It’s a puzzle game that involves matching candy to progress to the next level. While it may seem like a game for kids, it can be just as enjoyable for adults. The game is available online, and with its colorful graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay, it’s a great way to unwind after a long day.


Another classic puzzle game is Bejeweled. It’s a game that involves matching gems to progress to the next level. It’s easy to learn and can be played on a desktop or mobile device. With its bright and colorful graphics, it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Words with Friends

If you enjoy Scrabble, then you’ll love Words with Friends. It’s an online multiplayer game that involves creating words from letter tiles to score points. It’s a great way to challenge your friends or play with strangers. With its easy-to-use interface and social features, it’s a game that’s perfect for people who want to have fun and interact with others.

Trivia Games

If you’re someone who loves to learn new things, then trivia games are a great option. There are numerous online trivia games available that cover various topics, such as history, science, and pop culture. You can challenge yourself and test your knowledge while having fun at the same time.

Online Board Games

If you prefer more traditional board games, then online versions are available as well. Games like Monopoly, Risk, and Scrabble can be played online with friends or strangers. These games can be just as fun online as they are in person, and they’re a great way to connect with others.


In conclusion, there are plenty of online games available for people who don’t enjoy playing video games. From classic puzzles like Solitaire and Sudoku to more modern games like Candy Crush and Words with Friends, there’s something for everyone. With online versions of traditional board games also available, you can have fun and interact with others without leaving your home. So next time you’re looking for something to do online, give one of these games a try and see how much fun you can have without investing too much time or effort.