What Do Industrial Electrical Contractors Do?

Are you interested in working in a commercial building? If so, you may want to know what an industrial electrical contractor does. They have the skills and experience necessary to maintain and repair any electrical system. Industrial electrical contractors Melbourne are responsible for providing electricity to commercial buildings. They also understand the unique concerns and requirements of such buildings. You can expect to earn between $40,000 and $70,000 per year as an industrial electrical contractor. Here are some of the most common tasks of industrial electrical contractors.

Work environment

Industrial electrical contractors work in a business environment, like their counterparts in commercial construction. Their focus is on commercial applications and keeping facilities running. Their work environment is typically a construction site, but they may also be in the offices of car manufacturers, electrical companies, and steel producers. Industrial electricians may be involved in heavy projects involving large pieces of equipment and pneumatic and hydraulic systems. They must be knowledgeable of the latest trends in cybersecurity and safety.

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Industrial electrical work is extremely difficult, with many variables. Therefore, the right industrial electrical contractor must have experience in working in such a demanding environment and have a successful track record of completing projects on time. An electrician should have excellent communication skills, as well as be able to work alone or in a team. Industrial electrical contractors should have excellent problem-solving skills, and their workspace should be clean and orderly. Industrial electrical contractors must also be knowledgeable about the latest electrical codes and national, state, and local codes.

Skills required

In addition to having an extensive knowledge of electrical systems, electricians must have strong critical thinking and math skills. While you may enjoy working on your car or house, you may not be the most appropriate candidate for this career. Although electrical work requires a certain amount of knowledge, it is also a highly rewarding field and requires a high level of physical fitness. Electrical contractors must have strong communication skills in order to convey their expectations and instructions to stakeholders.

An entry-level electrician must have excellent communication skills, both with co-workers and supervisors. Basic math skills, including algebra and trigonometry, are also important. Graduates of an EST diploma program are eligible to sit for the City of Raleigh Journeyman’s exam. Additionally, the North Carolina Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors requires students to have two years of primary experience. Secondary experience can count as credit toward certification.


Industrial electrical contractors are similar to home electricians, but they work in large industrial buildings or factories. They install lighting systems and electrical wire, follow blueprints to repair defective wiring, and train new electricians in proper installation procedures. In addition, they ensure building standards based on the National Electric Code. Because of the variety of work available, industrial electricians have lucrative careers. While they earn high wages, they aren’t necessarily considered high-tech professionals.

The highest-paid electrical contractors are those working for natural gas distributors, and they earn $104,250 a year. Other high-paying occupations include those working at sporting events and in new subdivision construction. These electricians also earn above-average incomes in Illinois, Hawaii, and Alaska. They are also eligible to become a master electrician and operate their own electrical contracting business. However, they should be aware of the potential tax consequences associated with their work.

Hourly rate

The average hourly wage for Industrial Electrical Contractors is $49. This salary can vary considerably from job to job, depending on the level of education and experience. Listed below are the average wages and salary ranges for this occupation. You can compare the average hourly rate for Industrial Electrical Contractors with similar businesses. For example, if you are an Electrical Contractor in BOWLING GREEN, KY, you may earn more than $49,000 per year.

An industrial electrical contractor’s work is varied, so you’ll want to consider the amount of time you will be spending on each project. While the average hourly rate is $175 per hour for a team of two electrical pros, the actual amount of time needed to complete a project can vary significantly. As such, it is essential to know what your potential employer’s hourly rate will be. If your company is based in the Greater Seattle area, be prepared to pay slightly more.